Friday, 1 June 2012

Good Rats Berlin

Berlin was always an obvious location to show "Good Rats". Im just really glad the Upon Space were the ones to bring it over. The space is beautiful and the production value to the work is second to none. Justice is served on the pictures thanks to everyone there and I'm pretty stoked. Tomorrow we can relax and enjoy a tipple with friends. If you are in Berlin, please come. If not tell your German dwelling friends. Be a bit O' laugh.

If not tomorrow it is on for nearly two months...

UPON PAPER is pleased to announce Good Rats, the first solo show by the Irish photographer Niall O'Brien in Germany. For the series Good Rats, O'Brien (*1979) accompanied a group of young British punks during a trip to Berlin one summer. His photographs document a life outside the norm while capturing moments of intimacy and vulnerability. Having spent almost five years with the group, he pictures the coming-of-age of these young vagabonds in images of rough romanticism.
Niall O'Brien - Good Rats, June 4, - July, 28, 2012
UPON PAPER space, Max-Beer-Straße 25, 10119 Berlin

Opening: June, 2, 2012 6 - 9 PM
UPON PAPER is an initiative of Hahnemühle FineArt. The project emerged from Hahnemühle‘s close connection with art and form and from a desire to create a contemporary and open platform for exchange between all art forms. One that goes beyond paper. The project consists of UPON PAPER magazine, UPON PAPER space and UPON PAPER web. Additionally Hatje Cantz + UPON PAPER offering a limited Collectors edtion of fine art prints on Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Paper. More on:


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