Saturday, 7 May 2011

You Are Wooden And Great.

Don't loose your faith and don't loose your mind. Keep it coming again and again because if it doesn't stop us dead in our tracks we will go on and on forever. I saw a girl get knocked down today and as I raged at the driver and helped her off the ground I started to think a million miles an hour about things and how things don't really matter unless someone looses an arm or dies. Get over it.

Take this chap. Fuck me what a legend. Nothing to complain about, nothing to worry about except a fire or wood worm but his varnished exterior prevents that. He helped me shoot one of the next big things to come out of England and in fact lives in their lab, Breton you lads are in for a future treat. Keep up the hard work.!/BRETONLABS

Friday, 6 May 2011

Say It... "I'm Angry And I'm Not Going To Take It Any More!"

As I get called back to the motherland to show some new work I think of how much things progressed since I left. I also feel grateful as I still refer to the motherland as being the first place I was inspired and realised what was out there past the Ocean and rolling hills (it has taken me a while to realise how important). No matter what I say Ireland has played the biggest part in my adventure and I touch on the nostalgic moments far too often to let it go unnoticed and unregarded. Good work or not, I want to show her what I have learned and how I have grown into something even I couldn't mold by my self. The natural development of a grown mans aesthetic and point of view that has changed allot over the 6 (ish) years baffles me again and again.

If only my spelling had improved, thank goodness for spell check.

Stills form "Anger", an instillation shot last year. Filmed at 1000fps - 2000fps in Hackney innit!!!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

One Day Like This

Perfect mantra on a day like today. Stuck indoors for a small bit while getting stuff done doesn't mean the L.A. weather isn't making me happy. Sun shining and good people all around, I felt a mantra was in order. Allot of fun to be had here but also an inspiring place to bring back some ideas to London. A recognition and re ignition was in order and it has arrived. Full steam ahead.

You Tube Link - Elbow - One Day Like This