Saturday, 19 June 2010

Every Second Thursday 10.20 a.m.

Its Thursday fairly early in the morning, lyin in the bed, me head is kind of sore, and the ma's roarin at me, "get up ya lazy fuck, ill give ya two minutes before I send your father up"

Bare Bones the U.S. edition

With pure dedication and no tea breaks Harry Malt and Chris Bianchi worked around the clock designing and printing the long awaited and much talked about Bare Bones USA (BB/US OS4). More compact with a new semi color screen BB USA also offers a longer reading life in a smaller package. Aimed at the U.S. market the type face has been darkened and the content simplified for easier reading and less chance of getting stuck on difficult words.

This issue is limited and will disappear like hot cakes before the Atkins diet was invented. Beg, bribe and steal one before you miss out. Another way is to make sure you are at the show on the 29th, New York City!

Envoy Enterprises
131 Chrystie Street
New York,
NY 10002-2813,
United States