Thursday, 11 November 2010

We Are The Destroyers - Nike

The first trailer installment of a film iv been shooting with Nike has been released. To celebrate the new Destroyer jacket range and smashing the hell out of stuff. We got to drop a ridiculously heavy neon sculpture and and shoot it in high speed for the epic crescendo. A job I might have only dreamed of as a boy. The final film will be shown on the 18th of November, look out! Destroy, create and party hard.

 Dir: Niall O'Brien
Dop: Shane Daly
Editor:  Roman Rappak
Sound Design:  Breton Labs
Production: Spun Films
Agency: AKQA
Client: Nike


I now think a set of 1220's (turntables) are in order for a spontaneous purchase. I sold my first set to buy a camera about 12years ago. Career change? Who knows but being introduced to some dirty genre of music I feel inclined to go out on a mad night and come home to re live the experience in my bedroom on a makeshift table and serious monitor speakers. Dirty Dirty Dubstep.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Rife with Talent - Breton Labs

Working late tonight with the master Roman Rappak. The guy is text book genius and has talent oozing from his soul. Musically him and his band are killing it and cinematically much the same. It is rare to meet someone who exceeds in many mediums and gives 100 percent effortlessly. Look out for him, look out for them as all ready people are picking up their ears in amazement.

The Well from BretonLABS on Vimeo.