Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Shaney MacLord Fitsbastard of Carney Commons - Limited Print Sale

The time has come... In 2006 I was commissioned to bring a disposable camera to Shane McGowan in the hope that he would photograph the day and life trough his eyes. The idea was great although getting Shane to preform such a task was difficult, well impossible to be honest. The great outcome with the project was I got to spend almost 3 days with the man watching Naked Lunch and smoking a rather large pipe while he took pictures of me, his Hat and a Penguin book of "Poguery". While nodding in and out of conciseness he managed to make allot of sense and enlightened me as a young Irish man. He pretty much made me feel bad for not knowing enough about my History.

Never the less while he was explaining to me trough his illustration, drunken zen on my diary I managed to take a portrait of him that I'm mighty proud of. It is difficult to justify his soul trough photography but I think I did with that moment of deep thought. In my diary he drew the river of life and him surfing on top of it. Signed, Shaney MacLord Fitsbastard of Carney Commons. Although he was in and out of certain states, as you can imagine, he made sense in every word he said. Shane became a hero instantly.

I have only decided to run an edition now. I will make 25 fiber prints 20" x "24" hand printed by Darren Catiln. I'm pretty sure at £300 a pop they are worth it. I held on to the pictures till now as I wanted them to be a little richer in their value. After this edition I will not print any more.

Please email me if you want to inquire or straight up get one.