Thursday, 14 April 2011


Thinking of a treatment for a video that means allot to me at the moment. Emotion and felling are rife in the song I need to make the visuals for. I find it hard as I know it needs to come from the heart and also from the soul.... I return to the question of weather it is important to make this up or speak from inside. I've been pushing it away for some time now. Longer than I though,t but will I restrain it for a bit longer? Running the risk of loosing it for ever.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Making mistakes again I see. Make amends but not too sure how to approach it. Take me far away, far far away to somewhere I have been meaning to go since I got lost. Losing it once more but if I fix it, it might be for the best, for the future and for the love of life. Maybe I wont be allowed back in? Take me home, please take me home.

When Will The Party End?

Good god, another blurry night to be had at the Red Gallery Shoreditch. Bare Bones and Le Gun not content with 2 rammed nights of booze and music there is another one on the way in the form of an artist Signing and farewell to the exhebition. All the crew will be there to sign away their weirs and escalate the value of EVERYTHING, so get down there and buy stuff. These people are one more show away from mega stars, cash in! Support! Support! Support! Support! Support! Support!

Making Personal Geographies - David Farrell

There is always one person you remember in your college years. The one pillar that you looked up to and constantly went to for advise. David Farrell was not only a great educator to me, but he also was and is an inspiring artist. Extremely respected, his work is insightful and beautiful. Touching on some dark subjects he manages to use the medium to an exact skill while being able to fill books with his ideas and concepts.

Research his work, he is one of the few true concept driven photographers who can think and execute great images.

*David Farrell was born in Dublin (1961), read Chemistry at UCD graduating with a Ph.D. in 1987. Currently working as a lecturer in photography in IADT-Dun Laoghaire. He has worked independently and on communion projects with Gogo della Luna (Gudòk). Received the European Publishers Award for Photography in 2001 for Innocent Landscapes and in 2004 participated in the European Eyes on Japan project. Crow, his collaborative multimedia film with composer Benjamin Dwyer, was premiered during the Composers Choice Festival at the National Concert Hall Dublin in 2005. He has exhibited internationally including Houston FotoFest 2006, on three occasions at the Festival Internazionale di Fotografia, Rome and more recently in Pinyang Festival of Photography in China in 2008.

His second publication, Nè vicino Nè lontano. A Lugo (Punctum -Autumn 2007) was a result of a residency project curated by Luca Nostri in Lugo in the North of Italy. David Farrell - Elusive Moments a documentary by Donald Taylor Black (Poolbeg Productions) was premiered at the Cork Film Festival 2008 and was broadcast on Irish Television as part of The Look of the Irish series on Irish photography. Since September 2009 he has been documenting his revisits to the sites of Innocent Landscapes and the ongoing renewed searches at some of these locations for those disappeared during the conflict in Northern Ireland at

His book Innocent Landscapes was published by Dewi Lewis in 2001.
Background information on this project at
David Farrell’s Homepage

* All the text was taken from Berlin Photo Workshops, more information here.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Point Me At The Sky...

Point me at the sky and send me off for a while. It shouldn't be like this and I think the trip I'm going on is going to be surprisingly hard. Frustrating and unbelievable the things we do and feel are uncontrollable. Like a slow song with a chaotic chorus it mirrors life more that you know. Take me away again.