Monday, 13 September 2010

Rejected Cartoons - Don Hertzfeldt

Bringing me to tears once again. I cant express the humor of Don Hertzfeldt brings to me except when bent double laughing.

'An important message about the arts' - an animated video by artist Davi...

Ryann Bosetti - Chopper Extraordinaire

Who would have thought cutting ones hair could evoke a level of creative expression only a theorist can explain. Ryann is wonderfully passionate about her medium and I think she is on to a winner. Driven by pure reason and artistic flair her work and chi is immaculate. Making people look good and thinking long and hard to why she does it. Her new studio is in Portland, go get a chop.

The Bug - Catch a Fire

Long nights with lots of lamuchun and ginger beer, Ricardo the legend pulls a winner with his technical and creative talent. Enjoy.

In association with Ninja Tune turning 20. Happy Birthday chum, keep entertaining.
Artist: The Bug
Label: Ninja Tune
Dir: Niall O'Brien
Fx/Edit: Ricardo Aguilar

Sunday, 12 September 2010