Friday, 4 June 2010

Milky Blacks - Irish Eyes

With out getting too soppy, One of my greatest friends and oldest friends, Ross McDonnell published an interview he did with me for the acclaimed Milky Blacks Blog. Ross in fact runs the site and I'm pretty sure he has turned me into an informed and learned layabout as apposed to your regular layabout. His research makes me feel bad for not knowing enough and the worst thing he isn't just an academic photo man with out being able to take a picture, no... His photography is brilliant too (Bastard). Look at his work! Inspiration.

Monday, 31 May 2010

The Drums - 10 men Magazine

I got to hang out with these chaps. No drugs and throwing TV's out the window, but a good laugh none the less. Doing well and great to see as they are devoted to their music and extremely hands on with everything they do, from music videos to album artwork. Genuine self made pop musicians.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Dennis Hopper

"There's only love or hate, you either love someone or you hate em"

17th May 1936 - 29th May 2010

Louise Stern - Author, Artist, Good Friend

Louise Stern: 'I didn't think I would ever live in the hearing world, let alone write in it'

Louise Stern grew up in an exclusively deaf community in California and studied art at America's only non-hearing university before coming to London to study and work as an assistant to the British artist Sam Taylor-Wood. Now her compelling short stories about wild, restless – and deaf – young people look set to change the way we think about both language and silence.