Monday, 4 April 2011

Grimes, Go Forth and Conquer

Back in effect and good god people be ready. Like a bat out of hell and Tasmanian devil on an ecstasy tablet bought from a spiky fringed young man in a shiny tracksuit from 1996, Ben is about to kick some proverbial. Be ready, be very ready...

She ain't bad at the aul writing either and can sing damn well too.
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I Had Allot of Fun.

With a Walkman, skateboard and my friends. Causing trouble but listening to the future and finding things to do.  Suddenly I find my self in the same situation as an adult. Having fun once more and not really worrying too much. Almost 2 decades later and I seem to have come full circle but bringing allot more to the table. Fuck knows what it means but it's certainly a good thing.