Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Here We Go Again...

Here we go again ages after the last post. Say hello to the new work in progress "Trying To Cut Bubblegum". Ive been hanging out with a group of Filipino teens in Barcelona for a year and a half now and the work feels like it finally might be going somewhere. Where, I don't know yet and it might take some time before there is total reason. Here's to trying to figure stuff out and perseverance, again. All I know is I'm kept interested...

New Website as well... www.niallobrien.co.uk

Thursday, 26 September 2013

We Got To Travel...

On the road, the American Dream, the American Dreamer and the foreign passport. We got there with the power of the mind. The power of thought pushing us along further than a plastic coated Chevrolet should really travel and on occasion sticking to the speed limit. One big mistake on route but a bonding session only a couple warriors could handle. Confinement and lack of sleep. Relaxing spas and sandstorms. The beautiful people along the way inspired us.

We lived the dream.

www.niallobrien.co.uk Station To Station


Friday, 6 September 2013

Wim Mertens - Often A Bird

Been Some Time...

 Spoiled children soon to fall
Freedom is the lie we live
We will wait for tragedy
And scatter helpless to the fire
Sorry for ourselves
Sorry for the things we've seen
No one cries for help
Waiting for the fire
When all our toys are burning
All these empty urges must be satisfied
Acted outside
Precious strength to turn the game to history
Giving up, I'm blown away
He said all I had to say
The final days have come and gone
Safe inside; there's nothing wrong
Nothing in these words
Sorry force of habit
Could it be way over my head?
Helpless to describe it
Could it be way over my head?
Helpless to describe it
Could it be way over my head?
Helpless to describe it
Dumb & cruel
Cut before it's grown
Lies so forced in bored control
It learned all that it cares to know

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Frankie Bricks

The man him self, showing how the mundane and over looked wall of bricks can be so incredibly beautiful. The council feel of London's east end and beyond is an almost voyeuristic look into the lives behind the windows. I always want to peer in. Sometimes he lets us peer out but always, they are incredible in technique and stunning to look at.

Go on the Bricks!

Showing tonight in the Orange Dot Gallery Bloomsbury.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Friday, 1 June 2012

Good Rats Berlin

Berlin was always an obvious location to show "Good Rats". Im just really glad the Upon Space were the ones to bring it over. The space is beautiful and the production value to the work is second to none. Justice is served on the pictures thanks to everyone there and I'm pretty stoked. Tomorrow we can relax and enjoy a tipple with friends. If you are in Berlin, please come. If not tell your German dwelling friends. Be a bit O' laugh.

If not tomorrow it is on for nearly two months...

UPON PAPER is pleased to announce Good Rats, the first solo show by the Irish photographer Niall O'Brien in Germany. For the series Good Rats, O'Brien (*1979) accompanied a group of young British punks during a trip to Berlin one summer. His photographs document a life outside the norm while capturing moments of intimacy and vulnerability. Having spent almost five years with the group, he pictures the coming-of-age of these young vagabonds in images of rough romanticism.
Niall O'Brien - Good Rats, June 4, - July, 28, 2012
UPON PAPER space, Max-Beer-Straße 25, 10119 Berlin

Opening: June, 2, 2012 6 - 9 PM
UPON PAPER is an initiative of Hahnemühle FineArt. The project emerged from Hahnemühle‘s close connection with art and form and from a desire to create a contemporary and open platform for exchange between all art forms. One that goes beyond paper. The project consists of UPON PAPER magazine, UPON PAPER space and UPON PAPER web. Additionally Hatje Cantz + UPON PAPER offering a limited Collectors edtion of fine art prints on Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Paper. More on: www.uponpaper.com


Sunday, 27 May 2012

You Lie, You Cheat...

Bumped into my mate today and I didn't realise of some of the work he has done. I know pretty much all of him and his brothers Art work but just recently saw the films they made. I knew Jake and Dinos Chapman made a short film a while ago as they showed me a picture of the giant animatronic human torso they created for a masturbation scene they were filming at the time.

They made this for Spiritualized, it is so good... Makes me wish I made it but at the same time reminds me how key the idea is. Obvious yes but nowadays there is allot that emphasizes on the slickness and technique of the work (not to say this technique isn't incredible). It almost seems to take over. This video speaks so loudly. The way the charter cant seem to commit suicide by climbing up the stairs and jumping off the top of a high rise until he takes the lift.