Sunday, 27 May 2012

You Lie, You Cheat...

Bumped into my mate today and I didn't realise of some of the work he has done. I know pretty much all of him and his brothers Art work but just recently saw the films they made. I knew Jake and Dinos Chapman made a short film a while ago as they showed me a picture of the giant animatronic human torso they created for a masturbation scene they were filming at the time.

They made this for Spiritualized, it is so good... Makes me wish I made it but at the same time reminds me how key the idea is. Obvious yes but nowadays there is allot that emphasizes on the slickness and technique of the work (not to say this technique isn't incredible). It almost seems to take over. This video speaks so loudly. The way the charter cant seem to commit suicide by climbing up the stairs and jumping off the top of a high rise until he takes the lift.


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