Friday, 22 October 2010

Silent Shout

I know what that feels like, only last night after a good feed, bottle of wine and fine company I had the strangest dream that I needed to escape from something and my only means was to shout for help, nothing, nothing came out and the frustration ensued. Pretty dark place, pretty frightening at times but making it out of it and waking up was somehow liberating and the bed was still warm.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Staring at the Sun

Staring at the sun and I cant see any more. But my mind is fresh and I don't think I need my peepers to realise the greatness in the small things I come across these days. It takes a great night in doors with good people to bring things back to reality and puts an almighty smile on my face. The neighbors are annoyed but there is solace in the fresh smell of mixed cleaning goods and hover work I'm about to embark on. Mr Muscle, you are a good guy, spontaneity you are a legend.

Beautiful Day

Too good to be stuck indoors today that's for sure. To create and invent situations in life can be a wonderful opportunity. Getting the time and money to show people what is going on in your mind is a rare thing, if you are there embrace it and don't wander from your true aesthetic. Stick to yer guns!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

King of the Castle

Not one speck of dust and an amazing smell of mixed cleaning products. Fit for visitors. Open house as always. Things can be really exciting even in the most sporadic of English weather, I'm 10 flights up and the shoreline can almost be made out from my kitchen window, I'm sure it is there, I can almost smell the sea... Now for a massive feed and a new music video treatment.


Bending over once again in the form of a film for Nike. 3 days filming smashing lights, boxers, basketball players and a massive party scene.Tones of smoke, glass and destruction is the order of the day. Bring it!