Friday, 11 June 2010

King Midas Sound - Lost

It took a while but finally Hyperdub have released the single, "Lost", from the acclaimed album by King Midas Sound, "Waiting for you", also the official video I directed on 2 cold December nights all over a sinister London. It was a budgeted feat but a good laugh. King Midas Sound consist of The Bug, KiKi, and Roger Robinson and were begged to play at Mutek this year I'm certain KMS are going to be a major presence in the the history of contemporary music.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Off Shoot - 7pm the Sugar Club Dublin

The good guys at Off Set have asked me to talk tonight at Off Shoot in Dublin. Aah the mother land and in the venue I'v been thrown out of many a time. If your in town drop by.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Bare Bones - We are the Future.

BareBones 3 from Bare Bones on Vimeo.
Due to the hard work and dedication from our Bare Bones brother Ricardo and his team of white coat wearing technicians working around the clock, we now have an online, super 3D, hyper color, CGI online flip trough BB Paper for all to look at. There is no technical problem or computer program too big for our man Ricardo. Look at the amazing special effects on display at We have even re-created Harry Malts hands using the height of cutting edge computer graphics. See "Maltron 2000" turn the stunning pages of the well sought after paper currently banned from the V and A for bring too futuristic, and a little bit rude.