Saturday, 15 May 2010

Richard Billingham - Anthony Reynolds Gallery

Richard Billingham 9th April - 22nd May 2010. Really nice show. Great to be reintroduced to a photographer after 12 years. I first saw the incredible and disturbing "Ray's A laugh" during my photo foundation year! Billingham is a great photographer and an inspiring artist (even though I'm usually a cynical git). Look for his work if you not familiar it is brilliant in every scene of the word. The book, "Ray's A Laugh" is fetching (if you can find a copy) for, in and around £2000.

Bare Bones -' Internet Scam Shocker'

Bare Bones is nearing completion of the long awaited website. If you want to be a part of the global take over please send submissions to, This site is going to be amazing and the level of work so far is outstanding. Bare Bones is constantly looking for new works and new people to present. Get it together and send send send.

Please title your mail with "Submissions" and follow these guide lines for the image sizing and labeling.

Images should be a JPG and set as RGB
No smaller than 720 pixels high
Label the jpegs with your name and a brief title with no spaces or punctuation, ie: “Your_Name_Title.jpg”

Also Bare Bones is doing a mini show in Envoy gallery, New York on the 29th June.
The plan is to produce a BB poster over there and get rid of a load of BB NO3's.
Any one who'd like to go please do.

Download Here Issue here!