Saturday, 26 June 2010

Singapore International Photography Festival

Over 6,600 international submissions and finally 49 artists selected to show in the final exhibition for the Singapore International Photography Festival, I kind of feel honored to be on that list. Not actually going to Singapore but being a part is equally as exciting.

Matt Lambert - Bare Bones New York.

Hard at work Bare Bones correspondent and movie maker / exhibition organiser, Matt Lambert creates thousands of BB fliers to hand out to the masses in every corner of the city and its suburbs. Matt's schedule starts at the crack of dawn where after a healthy breakfast he jogs around the city spreading the BB word with passion.  Followed with a bite to eat in the eve, he heads off to many of New York Cities top, trendy, exclusive clubs to dance and invite all the beautiful people to Envoy gallery on the 29th.

If you see Matt on your daily routine to the train, bus or 5 block walk to work, give him some water or buy him a coffee.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Bare Bones - Limited Edition 3 Colour Screen Print Sale

Harry Malt, Heretic, and Chris Bianchi have each screen printed a limited edition Bare Bones NY poster for the show on the 29th in the Envoy gallery Chrystie street Lowe East Side new York. The edition is 25 but there will be only 1 -15 available on the night so make sure you get one!

63cm x 38cm
3 colour screen print
Quality ink innit!!!!!!
Price Tbc ( but well worth every penny,I mean cent)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Celery Cooney - Likes Clothes, Sweets and Winning Fights

The master of opinion and super talented, professional Clothes know all and artist, Celestine Cooney, has made her work available to the lucky public with her brand new web gallery. She is good, no, she is "amazing" and knows what is what. If you disagree she will probably stick her 24inch black satin Westwood wedge shoe up your nose. But!, don't let that discourage you from approaching her in the street, she is beautiful, loving and really sound. Love her work, love her.

My good Friend Celo.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Christian Hot Dogs

North West America and the boredom within religion.

The Wire #317 - The Bug

Shooting this cover was a bit of a mission but worth the effort. I'm happy as a pig in muck as it is way different to pretty much all past issues. Pushed the boat out and it looks good to me. The Bug is killing it too and I'm stoked to be involved with a master like that. Just finished shooting his new music video as well and after an encounter with a group of 14 year old gang members called "Bethnal crew" we got some interesting footage.

Want any yolkes!?

Being sold E tablets by a deranged guy covered in blood is always a memorable experience. Not shocked but amused with the situation, I calmly said "no" partly because I done partake any more and partly his sales technique wasn't up to scratch. From the look of him they worked though.