Friday, 2 September 2011

Simone Rocha S/S 12

Not to be confused with Simon Roch the 1882 Olympic puppet juggler, our Simone is turning out the be the brightest star the mother land Eire has regurgitated. Her work ethics are on par with Mike Tysons training session before he decided to bite the ear off Evander Holyfield and skills to beat Mr Geppetto after finding the perfect block of wood on a school holiday.

Simone Rocha is here to stay...

Director: Niall O'Brien
Featuring: Danielle Winkworth @ Morgan The Agency
Cinematographer: Urszula Pontikos
Producer: Laura Holmes
Editor: Ed Line at Final Cut
Score: Jonathan Shakhovskoy at Pitch & Sync
Colorist: Denny Cooper at Rushes
Flame operator: Leo Weston at Rushes
Fashion direction: Celestine Cooney
Hair Stylist: Chi Wong at Julian Watson Agency
Make-up artist: Shinobu at CLM
Steadicam Operator: Mike Scott
Focus Puller: René Adefarasin
Clapper Loader: Ben Adefarasin
Gaffer: Michael Chamers
Production manager: Dorothy Burns
Post production Supervisor: Charles Gillet at Rushes
Director"s assistant: Elizabeth Franks
With thanks to: Vicky Earl at Arri Media, George Martin at ArriFocus, Michelle Corney at Final Cut, Carl Grinter at Rushes and Vonnette Alexander at Deluxe Soho.

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