Saturday, 27 August 2011

Abe's Penny - The Coming Insurrection

Francesca Gavin and I have collaborated together on an art project for Abe's Penny who have produced postcards from a series of photographs I took in an anarchist commune in Tarnac, France this year. The commune story was written by Huw Nesbitt for Dazed and Confused. We worked 8 hours bailing hay and moving a couple tone of metal before they allowed me to take a few snaps, of a field... Luckily finding a dead fox with a bullet in his mouth made it all worth while.

Abe's Penny is a 4 postcard art project and limited edition subscription that comes out every week (one artist a month, 4 postcards per artist). 

Abe's Penny:
Francesca Gavin:
Article on  Tarnac:

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