Saturday, 4 June 2011

Duffy And The Neverending Can Of Redstripe

One of my favorite scallies to date is finally going to show the world what he is made of. Like a true exhibitionist, the man in question is not going to cut any corners here. Going all out to entertain us and bedazzle our very eyes with the skill and craftsmanship he manages to keep pretty cool about while the rest of the world rants and raves.

With a steady hand and drunken quotes to beat the band Duffy is going to be big time, some might say he is big time but regardless, he is a true artist. He Knows exactly what he wants and sticks to his guns making it work, I know he is already there.

Look at his work, buy it, cherish it and don't loose it. Fuck knows how much it will be worth after it sells out!

Get down to Redchurch Street and shout from the top of you lungs! "I'm here to see your wears, I have cash too!!!" You might be shocked at what he decides to show you...!/DuffyJewellery

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