Wednesday, 9 March 2011

James Pecis And The Hard Graft That Is Hair

The man put up with me for 3 weeks in the most epic journey in and around North West America with no mention of work. I know he is big time, but never knew how much work is involved. James Pecis is one of the busiest guys in his medium and most definitely one of the best. He creates with ease and the fact he compares well to a guru, he manages to capture the hearts of everyone who encounter him.

James is an artist and when he has two seconds to him self he makes perfect little art books and his Christmas cards are second to none. Massive gun collections and bathing in baths full of fruit are common place with in his quirky slightly strange mind.

This video shows us how much fun he and his team can have on an incredably complex and hectic journey over Fashion month. Planes, trains and automobiles ensue his life, he loves it and makes it fun for everyone.

Watch and see how it is done.

His work here!!!

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