Wednesday, 3 November 2010

IAM - L'Americano / Bad Boys de Marseille

Having a  French producer helps in certain situations but I cant help find that richness in attitude is a gift. To be able to offend and endear at the same time is almost a Celtic ritual. Eagerness and drive gets the daily task done every time. Making money and not compromising is the way forward if you have the skill to do it. Just do it...


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  1. Dear Niall O’Brien,

    Your blog completes the vision i get of your work : videoclips like for Justice, Gallows, I am and other articles made me discover your sources, what you like, the artistic world in which you live... I like it and I like the fact that you share it through this blog.

    I’m a French graphic design student at ECV school and a few days ago, I sent you an email via your website to talk about a project but I got no answer. So I thought your blog was the only way I could finally get in contact with you.

    Well, my project is pretty simple : I want to create a photo book. Yes, I’m learning about typography (edition) and I want to create this photo book on your work. In fact I found the pictures you did on “Good Rats Exhibition” very interesting and they just gave me the motivation to do this book (just do it ! like you said on your article). Your photos make me think of movies. It’s like they are telling a story where people meet many times at different places. I wonder what’s going to happen to these people. When I look at a picture, I ask myself “What comes next ?”. At first these kids are just a group of punks but the more pictures you see, the closer you feel to them. I think about Tim, Xavier for example. Now when I hear the name Tim or another name from the group their faces come to mind. Maybe I don’t feel what you want your pictures to show, but this is the way I feel when I see your work. When I see them separately, without any sound around me, I can imagine the dialogues, the atmosphere, what they’re planning to do… These are the feelings I want people to have when they look through my book.

    I already started this photo book, I made a mock-up, I began to search the way I will put the photos in it, the text… I would like to show your pictures full page so they have a greater impact, but for that I will need higher-quality pictures than what I can find on the web… I would like to know if you were willing to help me out by sending high-definition pictures in order for my book to turn out at its best !

    I thought that this project would interest you and I would like to know what you think about it as I’m working hard to get the book done as I want it.

    Here is my email address :

    Hoping to hear from you soon,