Monday, 4 October 2010

Gaeltacht College - Memories in a Can

A smell evoking memories of when we were young and free to roam the country side, smoking cigarettes and firing catapults at tractors was re introduced to me over this weekend thanks to the beautiful Claireban. All all these amazing reminders from my summer in Irish College in the Gaeltacht. Memories of my first kiss and what drama was created with the smallest of problems, all came flooding back. Teaching each other how to faint and running down to the chipper after the Bean An Ti (lady of the house) cooked us a standard dinner of Chicken, baked beans, veg and potatoes, I think the Gaeltacht was where I first got punched too. We were Ferrel and excited to be amongst new people. I fell in love and quickly forgot. Until now, Thank you Claireban for my can of Linx Africa, who would have known all that was in there.

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