Friday, 3 September 2010

Homeward to the Place with out Lions

On wards to the heart and the land without mountain lions. I have bear spray but unsure if it will work with cats. We shall see... Pecis you are a brave one.


  1. What was the point you idiot, did it have a gun too?
    Your so brave? Who had the first punch?

    If I shot you from behind a bush, would I be Big too?
    Your so clever, can you make it alive again, that would be clever you prick.

    I hope your dumb friends were impressed by your unequivocal evidence that guns can kill things really easily.

    Oh its so big! Maybe you should go get some rhino horn and some elephant tusk, at least then you could sell it. Dumb Ass.

    I hate you, and so do most normal people.

    I hope you at least ate it, or did you leave it rot with its cubs watching?