Saturday, 27 March 2010

David Blackmore

For as long as I've known David (all trough my college years and to this day) I have been in awe of the guys intense dedication to his art. For an idea, his "Visual Diary's"are still used as an example to almost every new student who enters the DLIADT, and still scares the crap out of them. This is due to the amount of work that was put into filling the pages of each book that was completed in about a fortnight (usually a student did one every 6 months). And this was also the effort involved when he tackled his photography projects.

In gorilla style he set about spray painting green Irish postboxes blue at the dead of night, photographed himself every day for years, recorded the view from every bus stop he attended, smashed up old mobile phones then rewired them and still found enough time to go mental at the weekends.

Now David has been working on lots of new photography projects as well as other mediums. One project that caught my eye is "Borrowed from my Bank". While David was working out how much money he owed using a pen he took from his local Bank, he wondered how much ink he could use/borrow on one piece of paper. the result is this.

In true time consuming, anxious, artist form, David has been making these intricate pictures and getting allot of attention from the European art world. Have a look at his website as he explains things allot better. He is a conceptual little so and so and I love his work, also his dedication. This is the kind of work that should not go under the radar. He has no time for fannying about with the who's who and just plain gets it done.

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